your little one reaching that mobile stage, where they are pulling themselves up on furniture? Toddlers are eager to get on their feet. Once they are ready for walking, they never seem to want to stop! Help your independent toddler reach new heights with Twinkie’s line of 1st Walkers. Every moment in your child’s life is special, make their first pair of “walking shoes” a pair for both of you to remember, a journey filled with comfort, style, and a distinctive look.  
Twinkie presents a variety of looks from a new collection to give your child fashionable, quality footwear. To fit the foot of your little man, we cover sizes 4-9, while mini fashionistas can get sizes ranging from 3-10. Both our boys and girl's shoes come in an assortment of colors; we at Twinkie pride ourselves in offering three colors for each style, and in some cases we provide even more color options. Ranging from $30 - $50, the quality is instilled in your investment to give your child excellent footwear that will make their first few years that much more special.  
Expression is an important part of childhood, let the personality of your toddler shine with the many styles available at Twinkie. From flats to boots and everything between, we have the perfect footgear for your toddler. Little girls feel like a princess in our mirrored toe flats; rock star toddlers can stomp around the playground in their high-tops, and your tiny athlete can run around in their comfy sneakers presented by Twinkie.