Is your little one reaching that mobile stage, where crawling just isn’t an option anymore? Eager to get on their feet, once they start walking, they never seem to want to stop! Help your independent baby reach new heights with Twinkie’s line of 1st Walkers. Every moment in your child’s life is special, make their first pair of “walking shoes” a pair for both of you to remember, a journey filled with comfort, style, and a distinctive look. 

            Check out and appreciate a variety of looks from our whole new collection to give your darling fashionable, quality footwear. To fit the foot of your little man, we cover sizes 4-9, while accommodating your little fashionistas with sizes ranging from 3-10. Both our boys and girls shoes come in an assortment of colors— with at least three colors for each style! Ranging from $30-$49.97, the quality is instilled in your investment to give your child excellent footgear that will make their first few years that much more special. 

Sneakers and Boots

            Raising a handsome, strapping young boy and looking for shoes as tough as he is? Find shoes as tough as he is (and tougher, if necessary) to match his developing needs. With nearly ten styles of shoes (and boots) made to fit your little man just right, we’re sure to have exactly what you’re looking for, in the shape and color you want.

Our High Tops are a mix of vogue, coziness, and durability; with three unique

styles, we’re sure to have your boy’s feet comfortable and safe.  Our Color-Block high tops, which come in blue, brown and green, will be sure to match a wide selection of outfits. Wear them with his favorite pair of jeans, or just plain old casual wear. A similar style shoe which also sets to make a statement is the Nothing But Stripes High Tops; these are covered with streaks of black, red, or yellow. The final shoe in the high-top style is that of the I Love Punk Washed Out Denims; sporting the British flag and the faded denim look, only tan laces could make these shoes more retro, which they do! The regular size sneakers are just as cool and cozy, but without the extra “high” top, these will be sure to keep your kids in casual style. The Little Rock Star Denim sneaker will be sure to bring out your boy’s inner rocker, and comes in three bright colors—red, yellow, and green. Every boy needs a plain pair of sneakers, and that’s just what he gets with the Daytime Cruising Canvas Sneakers. Built to last through a day of play, colors of black, tan, and red are sure to go with any outfit.

            Looking for something even more durable? We have two styles of boots; the Lace-Up Chukkas give a true rugged style, with textured soles to provide a good grip on any surface.  Our 6-Inch Premium Boots give even more protection, and they point back to the Timberland trend, available in brown, dark brown and deep blue, the neutrals to match any outfit.

Fashionable Flats

                  Have a fashionista in the making, even if she’s not even a year old? Understandably, all girls need their shoes, and Twinkie makes it easy to find the perfect pair of flats to dress up your little doll. Find the exact shoes to accentuate that put-together outfit, and make your little girl feel like a princess.

            For those moms looking for the grab-and go flats, Twinkie makes it easy; our Little Oxford shoes and Mirror Shoe Toe Slips Ons come in the girl’s basic colors—pink, blue, and tan. For our printed shoes, we add a little more flair: the Leopard Print Shoe Toe flats come in metallic rose, gold, copper or silver, while the floral prints come in the appropriate orange, yellow, and pink. Need some going out flats? Not a problem, our Night-Out Flats got you covered, with a delicate, girly bow secured to a yellow, pink, or blue shoe. Our Ankle Strap flats allow your doll to add some color: gold, orange and purple let her express her vibrant personality.  The final touches to your little lady can be added by the last few shoes: Little Lady Lacy Bow Mary Janes come in the basic pink, yellow and blue. The Trendsetter Leopard Mary Janes bring the same colors to life, but with a touch of leopard.

            Most of our flats come with a secure but fashionable strap to make sure she doesn’t lose the flats along the way, and whether you are looking for practical, comfy flats or going out formal footwear, Twinkie has you covered with a variety of styles, colors, and prints.