Training Shoes

            Your baby has finally reached the stage where they have outgrown the booties, and are ready to start walking; how do you react? Well naturally, you help them as much as you can with both encouraging, and the right equipment to get the job done. Training shoes are the practical solution to transition from booties to 1st Walkers, and Twinkie has them in abundance, in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles to keep your darling walking safe, and walking more.

            Foot protection is essential for any baby shoes, but especially training shoes as they are just getting used to walking; training shoes have more padding, and not as much pressure as the first pair of real shoes. It transitions your baby from booties to 1st walkers in the blink of an eye, always ensuring their comfort as they start growing into the walking world. With styles fit for little boys, girls, or styles which could go with both, Twinkie is sure to have just what you’re looking for.  We’re just at the market value, ranging from fifteen and a half to twenty nine dollars, the quality is contained in the assurance that your baby’s feet will be supported with just enough padding and flexibility to keep them moving with no pressure or hassles.

            For your little lady, we have an entire collection of fashionable footwear to ensure her little feet stay warm and sheltered from the elements as she learns how to walk. Many of our training shoes come in a variety of colors to keep your little girl in the trend, and maybe even start one of your own! Bedazzled with shiny bows, flowers, hearts, polka dots or butterflies, your little girl will love the style, look, and feel of the shoes which keep her on her feet; these shoes which certainly have a feminine feel, are equipped with soft soles for maximum comfort, and provide easy access to slip on or take off. The material designed to wrap around your child’s foot generally come with an anti-slip sole to help keep your baby balanced on slippery surfaces. Since these designs are specially made for girls with many singular patterns, they can only be hand-washed on the surface; these softly-lined training shoes which cover little girls from 9-15 months, will guarantee maximum comfort, with style and trendiness as a byproduct.

            Bringing up a little man, and you want shoes as tough (if not tougher) than he is? Twinkie has you covered in the style and protection department. Wherever your little boy goes, you want to make sure that he has the right support to help his feet grow, and his muscles to get ready for the many steps ahead; with many sporty looks and the extra padding within, these high quality training-sneakers will get your little guy moving in no time. These also have an easy slip on and off design, yet plenty of flexibility and support to move with his foot, not hindering any movement. Ranging from 9-15 months, they accommodate all shapes and sizes to get your boy moving, many coming with anti-slip soles to keep them steady on any slick spots. Incorporating value, comfort, style and flexibility, Twinkie has got your little one covered, and gets them ready to walk.