Soft Sole Training Shoes 
Your baby has finally reached the stage where they have outgrown the booties, and are ready to start walking; how do you react? Well naturally, you help them as much as you can with both encouraging, and the right equipment to get the job done. Training shoes are the practical solution to transition from booties to 1st Walkers, and Twinkie has them in abundance, in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles to keep your darling child walk safely, and to encourage more stepping. 
Foot protection is essential for baby shoes, and especially training shoes as they are just getting used to walking. Providing protection to the feet can help avoid stubbed toes and other unpleasant bumps. Twinkie training shoes have more padding, and less pressure as the first pair of real shoes. This helps transition your baby from booties to 1st walkers in the blink of an eye, always ensuring their comfort as they start growing into the walking world. With styles fit for little boys, girls, or unisex styles Twinkie is sure to have what you’re looking for.
Twinkie training shoes are equipped with soft soles for maximum comfort, and provide easy access to slip on or take off. The material is designed to wrap around your child’s foot and usually come with an anti-slip soft sole to keep your toddler balanced on slippery surfaces. Ranging from 9-15 months, our training shoes accommodate all shapes and sizes. Make sure your little one has the right support to help his feet grow, while his muscles with for maximum comfort, and provide easy access to slip on or take off.
Twinkie prides itself at being your affordable child footwear option with shoes ranging from $16 - $29, and although we are proud to be low-priced Twinkie does not sacrifice quality. Everyone can rest assured that your baby’s feet will be supported with just enough padding and flexibility to keep them stepping with no pressure or discomfort.