• When Do Babies Walk

    Image Credit: Commons Wikimedia - Nile60 You’ve carried your baby for nine months and they are developing fast. If you’re a first time Mom, you’ll especially want to know when babies start walking so read on to find out! Below are the stages that your child will take on their journey to fully walking. Learning to walk involves much more than moving one foot in front of the other. This is just a rough guideline as all children are different but we’ve included approximate ages also to help you best gauge the situation with your own child. Birth to 2...

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  • The Role of Play & Your Child

    Children are such resilient characters. They come into the world and meet so many challenges even at early stages of their lives. They have so much to take on board in terms of their environment and so much to learn about the world... it’s astounding how much they can take in even at early stages! Encouraging your child to learn new things is a good parental exercise and will only assist your child as they grow and develop their personality and character. There are many different types of play that they can be a part of and each has a...

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  • Kids & Technology- What You Should Know

    Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in our world today; walking down any street you are likely to see someone using their smartphone for one reason or another. And while the technology has brought with it some great efficiency, it’s very important to monitor use amongst our children. We have all been there as parents: in a restaurant with the kids and one of them kicks off with a tantrum. You sit there getting more and more anxious as neighbouring tables occupants turn and stare as your child gets louder and louder. It’s so easy to simply hand them your phone...

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