• Kids & Technology- What You Should Know

    Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in our world today; walking down any street you are likely to see someone using their smartphone for one reason or another. And while the technology has brought with it some great efficiency, it’s very important to monitor use amongst our children.

    We have all been there as parents: in a restaurant with the kids and one of them kicks off with a tantrum. You sit there getting more and more anxious as neighbouring tables occupants turn and stare as your child gets louder and louder. It’s so easy to simply hand them your phone in order to appease them and so you should but it’s important to be measured with this and not always use it as first option.

    Smartphones and tablets can be used to great effect in educating children but where parents come in is in monitoring exactly what sites the child is accessing. It’s really important that a parent or guardian knows what apps or sites the child is on at all times.

    In our infographic below, we aim to highlight this important issue for parents. Learn some startling statistics about technology use amongst children; find out what are the best ways to approach it and also read through some expert advice on the topic. Check it out below!


    Kids & Tech’ What You Should Know

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