• The Role of Play & Your Child

    Children are such resilient characters. They come into the world and meet so many challenges even at early stages of their lives. They have so much to take on board in terms of their environment and so much to learn about the world... it’s astounding how much they can take in even at early stages!

    Encouraging your child to learn new things is a good parental exercise and will only assist your child as they grow and develop their personality and character. There are many different types of play that they can be a part of and each has a role to play in development.

    We have created the below infographic to highlight just how important play is in the life of a child. There are many aspects to play and we hope that our comprehensive graphic covers a lot of them. Have you covered many of these types of play with your child? Check out the information below...hope you enjoy it!

    The Role of Play & Your Child: Infographic

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