Product FAQs

Can I special order products that are not in stock?
Yes, we offer more product availability through our special order service. Please contact us for more information.

Are prices subject to change?
Product prices offered on this site may vary from other advertised prices due to varying conditions in different geographical markets.

Is the product covered by warranty?
Yes, please refer to our warranty page.

Do your products come with wash and care instructions?
Yes, all products except footwear come with wash and care instructions. These instructions can be located on the washing label of each product or be found on the packaging of the product.

Are your products safe for my baby?
Our products have gone through multiple tests to assure that the safety of our products meet or exceed government requirements. Please continue to enjoy our products with confidence, knowing that each and every time we’re not only making them for you, but for our own kids too.

How do I know my kid’s shoe size?
If you're unsure of the correct shoe size to purchase, you can measure this by using a measuring tool, such as a ruler. Make sure it is measured standing up and wearing a sock. Using the size chart, convert your measurement to U.S. shoe size.