Training Shoe Size Chart

Twinkie Training Shoes

Age GroupSizeCMInches
3 ~ 6 Month XS 9.15 3.6
6 ~ 9 Month S 10 3.94
9 ~ 12 Month M 10.85 4.27
12 ~ 15 Month L 11.7 4.61
15 ~ 18 Month XL 12.55 4.94

Newborn Booties, Soft Sole
The booties and Soft Soles are designed to fit and stay on for newborns up to 2 years of age.
Easy fit system allows for a easy slip on slip off of the booties.

Mini Training Shoe
Mini Training shoe is deigned for the active walkers and crawler babies.
The half hard half soft sole with the non-slip padding help the development of the feet, and protects the feet in a stylish way.

*Above are insole measurements. Allow 0.5-1.0 cm between foot and insole for growing feet.